What Is The Best Milk Alternative?

What is the best milk alternative? There are so many to chose from now it can be confusing.

Each milk and milk-alternative will have various vitamin and mineral yields, processing and pasteurisation methods, ethical, controversial and health concerns… the list goes on. Each to their own, they all have their benefits and sour notes. But first, let’s focus on their protein content.

Quinoa, coconut and almond milk all fall nutritionally short when it comes to their protein content. Actually, what protein content?

Mind For Body - Milk Alternatives Lack Protein

I want to highlight to you, especially those steering their diet up the current high-fat/low-carb and vegan/plant-based trend, is to be mindful of your daily protein intake when substituting soy and cow’s milk for other milk alternatives. The most deceptive of all the milk-alternatives is quinoa (a grain famous for its rich source of protein) milk with a protein content amongst the lowest of them all.

Mind For Body - Cows MilkBesides soy milk, cow’s milk-alternatives (quinoa, almond, coconut, rice and oat milk) are incredibly low in protein. Dairy provides us with a fabulous source of protein so if you’re swapping your soy or cow’s milk for an alternative, try to get one with protein added to it, or make sure you’re getting your daily protein requirements elsewhere. After all, protein is one of the best nutrients to assist weight loss.

What is the best milk alternative in regards to protein?

Cow’s and soy milk provide the best source of protein in the milk family. So protein-wise, opt for these and just eat the quinoa, almonds and coconut to get their full nutritional benefits.

The debate on which milk or milk alternative is best will be ongoing. And as much as I love dairy, especially milk, is it right that throughout life, us milk drinkers, regularly drink milk from a mother cow, which contains all that is needed to make a baby cow grow?

This is another reminder that we should consume everything in moderation. I enjoy cow’s milk, I drink it occasionally, switching it up with soy milk.

Nutrition Values For Different Milk Varieties

Here are the nutrition values for commercially available milk varieties (note the protein content):

Mind For Body - Milk Comparisons

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