Seared Pumpkin & Avo Salad

A simple salad seared to perfection. With the full nutrition composition so you know exactly what you’re feeding that temple of yours 😉

Mind For Body - Roasted Pumkin Salad

Mind For Body - Roasted Pumkin SaladIngredients:

6g pine nuts (lightly toasted on the pan)
60g avocado
50g rocket
20g shaved parmesan
65g pumpkin (butternut), cut really finely (shave it), sear both sides on hot pan
Sprinkle with red onion
Dress with balsamic if you wish

Grill a piece of meat and your dinner will be served.

This ingredient list is for 1 serving (210g). Double ingredient list to serve 2. Quadruple it so you can have left overs for a snacks.

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