Oats and Yoghurt. A Good Breakfast

Oats and yoghurt is a good breakfast. It will give you a good source of protein and good carbohydrates. Add nuts for a source of healthy fats and strawberries for antioxidants.

Mind For Body - Breakfast Cup

Mind For Body - All Rounder BrekkyIngredients:

100g low fat yoghurt
30g oats
7 walnuts and 6 almonds
Top with berries if you wish

Why oats are excellent for you: Oats naturally lower cholesterol. You know when you make porridge and the oats go all gluggy? Well when we eat oats raw, they turn into this oat gluggy-ness inside us. This oat gluggy-ness makes unwanted cholesterol stick to it and then naturally, it carries it out of our system!

So if you have high cholesterol, this might be a great breakfast choice for you. Combined with healthy fats from the nuts, and a low fat yoghurt, it’s full of protein and all round a great way to start the morning!

For an even better start to the morning… Get a workout in! Get up and at ’em early and get it done. You’ll feel 100% better for it (maybe not in the initial 10 minutes, but trust me, once your finished and a bit sweaty you’ll feel amazing!), you’ll be more productive throughout your day, and you’ll have endorphins bouncing around your body.

Your mindset will be so much more positive to see the day through and even handle the not so nice things of your day better than if you didn’t have a morning workout. Are you struggling with the thought of an early wake up? Change your early morning thought processes!

Need some more motivation?

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