Kale Or Spinach? What’s The Nutritional Difference?

Spinach or Kale? There’s so much hype about kale at the moment. Everyone’s banging on about it, eating it and drinking it. It tastes, well, not so nice in my opinion, a bit bitter – But is it nutritionally worth it even if you don’t like the taste?

Mind For Body - Kale or Spinach

Kale, a leafy green vegetable we now classify as a superfood. And so we should, it has an unbelievable nutrition composition. I have nothing negative to say about it, except that I personally don’t like the bitter taste and I actually prefer the taste of spinach! But should I be eating kale over spinach because of it’s superior nutritional composition?

Mind For Body - Kale vs SpinachSee for yourself… I have created a nutritional composition comparison table for you (well I really did it for myself because I was wondering if I should be jumping on this kale bandwagon or not… and I’ve chosen not too, I’d rather stick to spinach, broccoli, bok choy and other green vegetables I actually enjoy the taste of).

Looking at the compassion of kale vs spinach, they are both excellent nutritionally. But you can see they vary in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Such as spinach having a much higher yield of iron and magnesium than kale, but kale has a much higher yield of fibre and protein than spinach. So it’s important to not only hale the kale but to have a variety of both for optimal nutrition. If I choose not to eat kale I’m 100% positive I can still get all of it’s nutrients from spinach and all the other green vegetables I eat.

Most of the nutrients found in kale and spinach are also found in other green leafy vegetables, a variety of all green leafy vegetables is best, don’t always only opt for kale due to its popular hype at the moment. Balance is everything. And most importantly, enjoy what you eat!

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  1. Marcelle Wortmann

    I have never seen Kale in Germany where I am living ( from SA )
    I use Baby Spinach…would love to taste Kale. We only get the frozen version here.

    • Kirsten Tuzee

      Really? That surprises me. Kale is everywhere here in the UK (I personally don’t love it!). I was born in SA too!

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