Is Your Lifestyle Getting In The Way Of Your Weight Loss Journey?

Often we get excited and motivated at the prospect of turning over a new leaf and embarking on a weight loss journey. But unfortunately for a lot of us, this short burst of motivation doesn’t last long.

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Events pop up where we just know we’ll overindulge in food that’s on offer. It’s Christmas, or we’re on holiday, or we have a weekend full of social drinking, followed by eating greasy hangover food to cure the self inflicted pain! We find excuses as to why we can’t loose weight right now, because the fun events of life are interfering. But we know we’ll get the opportunity to lose weight again, so it doesn’t matter, ‘I’ll start my diet again soon when all this is over’.

Sometimes it’s not the fun events that get in the way, for some it’s our work lifestyle, whether it be that there’s always client lunches and functions, and/or a lot of travel, whereby finding healthy options for meals and snacks can be difficult on the road, or in the air.

Do we feel we have wait for our lifestyle to slow down in order to lose weight? Because we don’t feel we’re capable of losing weight during certain periods of life where we lack self control in our eating behaviours? And when we’re in environments where healthy options are scarce and temptations are high?

I have clients who have put off social events with the purpose of confining themselves to a controllable lifestyle in pursuit to lose weight. But what happens when we want to welcome the fun back into our lives? How do we maintain the weight that we lost in that time of confinement, when we are living back in a desired lifestyle, the lifestyle we actually want? As for the work situation, you cant exactly leave your job or ditch the client lunches and travel in a pursuit to lose weight.

Instead, we have to find ways to be able to lose weight in our current environment and lifestyle.

Some Solutions


If you travel a lot for work you should keep healthy snacks in your handbag. A plastic ziplock of nuts, tinned tuna and a pieces of fruit are practical. If you can, travel with a cooler bag and keep a greater variety of foods in there. That way, if you can’t find somewhere to get a healthy meal, you can snack on those to curb your hunger until you do find a healthier option. If literally all the restaurants around you are junk food, then go to a grocery store instead and get yourself vegetables, dips, cheeses and cold meats (the cooler bag comes in handy here as well). It mightn’t be the most desirable meal, but if you’re serious about losing weight this is your option.


One of the most common things I’ve come across with a lot of my clients is that they say if they know they’ve got a big dinner on in the evening, they’ll eat less throughout the day. This is a big mistake. If you don’t eat much during the day, when you get to the event you’ll be ravenous and eat more canapés and eat more than you usually would. It’s a better idea to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day, so come the function, you aren’t as hungry so you’re more likely to say no to several canapés and eat smaller portions for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, you don’t have to have 3 courses, and you don’t have to eat all of what’s on your plate! And if going out for meals is a regular occurrence for you then I highly recommend you don’t have 3 courses and always finish all of whats on your plate! If it’d be rude not to order 3 courses, substitute a meal – ask ’Can I please have a small salad instead of an entrée’ or just have one mouthful, a taste, and leave the rest. If you’re someone who can’t leave food on your plate then don’t order it in the first place, or substitute it, ask that it doesn’t come with fries, or have the sauce on the side, or have the burger without the bun – whatever you can do to make it healthier. (This is for those who eat out a lot. If you just go out for meals once in a blue moon, of course you


Don’t deny yourself of social events with the intention of escaping temptations to lose weight. We need to learn to live with these because they’re not going anywhere, and if anything, the temptations are only going to get stronger. Change your perspective and view temptations as a challenge. A challenge of practising your self-control. Say no to the unhealthy snacks, choose the chicken salad over the mouthwatering lasagne. Your tastebuds might feel deprived initially, but you need to focus on the positives of what you have just done – you chose the healthier option, you’re making the right choices in order to lose weight. But it’s more than that. You’re increasing your self-control. Each time you make a decision from the wrong mind (what you feel like you want in this moment) and feeling momentary satisfaction but followed by consequences, instead, choose the decision from the right mind (what you really want to achieve long term) and increase your confidence in achieving goals and what you really want long-term. For more on this click here.

What is it you struggle with most with your lifestyle and losing weight? Comment below or feel free to email me.

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