If Your Tired Of Starting Over, Stop Giving Up

When we think weight loss, we automatically think of dieting. And then we think which diet? There’s so many to choose from: intermittent fasting, paleo, liquid diets, lemon detoxes, raw, super low calorie, the list is endless. If you’ve compared diets before, you’ll be confused. They all contradict each other. What one diet says to do, the other diet says strictly not to do. WTF?

Mind For Body - Stop Giving Up

There are several things all diets have in common though. Restriction, deprivation, all of it unsustainable, and – most of all – completely unnecessary.

Diets restrict us from eating certain foods which leads to an unbalanced diet, and this can be detrimental to our health.

They also make us feel deprived. We can’t have this and we can’t eat that. What’s that old saying… You always want what you can’t have. Ain’t that the truth! If I tell myself I can’t eat junk food for X amount of time, junk food is all I think about and crave!

When we feel deprived, we’re more likely to lose complete control when we do stuff up. Like when we’ve been dieting really well for two days, but then comes our friend’s birthday and we go out for dinner. Before we even get to dinner, we’re most likely thinking, “Ah screw it, I’ll eat whatever I want tonight and I’ll start my diet again tomorrow, I’ve been so good the past two days so I kind of deserve this anyway!” And just like that, we’ve given ourselves the tick of approval! We’ve told ourselves we’re entitled to it. And with that, we overindulge.

Justifying things to ourselves, like eating what we like one day because we believe we’re going to eat super healthy for the coming days, is an illogical and unhelpful mentality to have. Is it not naive of us to think we can do something tomorrow that we can’t even do today?

So, whatever weight loss progress we made during two days from dieting, we can completely undo in one sitting. But does one bad meal really undo our healthy eating from previous days? Probably not, but it affects us mentally.

We may get back on the diet again, but things keep coming up and again and again we find ourselves falling off the wagon. So we give up, and because we’ve been denying ourselves the foods we enjoy for however long we did the diet for, we treat ourselves to those naughty things again. And, this time, in larger quantities because we’ve been deprived of them for so long, and more so – because we’re temporarily off the diet (“Thank goodness for that!”).

Either we gain weight, or we just don’t lose any weight. And mentally, we’ve lost the confidence to lose weight because we just don’t have the willpower to stick to a diet. But of course, there’s always another diet you could try – this time, one you’ll actually be able to stick to. Yeah, right.

For goodness sake. STOP. Dieting needs to stop.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

Diets are all the same. Restrictive and unsustainable. And completely unnecessary, because you can get results from normal healthy eating – eating that you can enjoy and can actually maintain.

So, rid yourself of all your past dieting failures. It’s time to stop starting new diets and then giving up on them, only to start a new diet again. See these failures as a learning curve and an opportunity to begin again, only this time more intelligently. No more diets – instead, healthy eating and an active lifestyle that is enjoyable, balanced, in moderation, and maintainable. You’ll find nutrition and mindset education, ideas, and inspiration all over this website to get you started.

So tell me below or email me: what’s the craziest diet you’ve ever been on? And how do you feel about the prospect of ‘no more dieting’? Hallelujah, right?!

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