It’s Time You Grew Some

Herbs that is. I got fed up with buying bunches of herbs for $4 a pop only to use a few leaves before they go slimy in my fridge after a couple of days. There are endless benefits to having your own herb garden… save money, always available, they look pretty, eat fresh and healthy, add flavour, vitamins and minerals to any meal or beverage.

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Listed below are the herbs I have found the easiest to grow with relatively low maintenance once established.

What you’ll need:

Self watering pots – mint grows best in a separate pot – it grows like a weed and will take over other herbs if you grow it in a pot with others.
Herb potting mix


Coriander – Coriander grows well from a seed. Plant a few seeds in a pot 1cm below the soil level (best planted mid spring). Water everyday and keep in full sun. Once established, pick and use the leaves as often as possible. If you go for a long period without using the coriander leaves it is more likely to turn to seed – meaning it will start flowering. When this happens you’ll have to rip the roots out and start again. Once the coriander is established it still needs to be watered, but not everyday. Even when your coriander is growing, continue to plant little seeds in the soil to keep it going (maybe monthly through the warmer months).

Basil – I buy already established basil in a little pot. I grow it in a separate pot from other herbs because in cooler weather I put it on my kitchen window sill as I find it struggles in the cooler months. Keep it in the sun and when it’s establishing it will require a fair bit of water. Pick the leaves and use as often as you can to promote new growth.

Chives – Again, I buy this one already established but re-pot in a larger pot to give it room to grow. When you want to use it just chop a few strands off – again the more you use it, the more it’ll grow. Water everyday until established and keep it in full sun.

Parsley – Also buy as a small plant and replant it in a larger pot. Needs water daily until established and full sun. Pick and use as often as you can to keep it flourishing. Did you know parsley contains more Vitamin C than most citrus fruits?!

Rosemary – the easiest one I have found, just plant it! I guess you should probably water it now and then too.

Mint – Definitely grow this one in a separate pot, it will take over everything! Mint needs lots of water, so water it daily if you can and keep it in full sun. I plant this one from a small established plant, and once its growing, its growing.

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  1. Marcelle Wortmann

    I have started with Basil, but do want to start adding more…

    • Kirsten Tuzee

      I find most of them so easy, mint is awesome, I drink it a lot!

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