Healthy Substitute For Sour Cream

I absolutely love sour cream. Especially because I love Mexican food. Any burrito or fajita, in my opinion, is made a gazillion times better with double or even triple the amount of sour cream. Buuuut, of course this is no good for my waistline! A healthy substitute for sour cream is natural yoghurt.

When I substitute sour cream for natural yoghurt, I use a full fat natural yoghurt. Full fat natural yoghurt has a thicker consistency, a creamier texture and the same sense of indulgence that sour cream has.

I find full fat yoghurt much more satisfying that reduced-fat varieties. Fat-reduced yoghurts tend to have added sugars, because if they take the fat out, they need to add the taste back in somehow.

I use natural yoghurt instead of sour cream in all my Mexican meals, in my homemade dips, and in some dishes I even swap actual, normal cream for natural yoghurt. If anything, I actually even prefer the taste when I use natural yoghurt instead of sour cream. And it’s better for me.

Natural yoghurt is definitely a healthier substitute to sour cream. See on the comparative nutritional panel below. The comparative nutritional panel below is based on Jalna full fat yoghurt and a Homebrand sour cream.

healthy sour cream substitute mind for body

Tip: When choosing a full fat yoghurt, try looking for one where the only ingredients on the label are whole milk and live cultures.

P.S. No one can resist a hot potato wedge every now and then, right? Although the attitude could be ‘If I’m going to eat potato wedges I may as well just have the sour cream as well’, but if you do want to try and make a healthy choice to an unhealthy dish, try natural yoghurt with potato wedges – it’s still just as good, trust me, and slightly healthier! Natural yoghurt on Nachos is also making a more on the unhealthy side dish slightly healthier!

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