Bruschetta Baked Mushrooms

Bruschetta Baked Mushrooms are a much healthier alternative to carb heavy bruschetta, where sourdough or other bread base is used.

The biggest bonus of having mushrooms as your bruschetta base is that you’ll get a fair whack of protein from the mushrooms. This recipe contains over 13g of protein per serve! (At the bottom of this post is important info on protein intake, a must read!).

Mind for Body - Bruschetta Baked Mushrooms

Bruschetta baked mushrooms are a great source of protein so they’re perfect for a snack, light lunch, or as a healthy side to any meal. If you decide to have bruschetta baked mushrooms as a side, half the recipe below. Portion control, ladies!

Mind for Body - Bruschetta Baked MushroomsBruschetta Baked Mushrooms

Serves 1.

3 large flat mushrooms (total 110g)
1 tbs olive oil
1 clove of garlic, crushed
10g red onion (1 sliced piece, chopped)
1/2 tomato (50g)
20g reduced fat feta
10 basil leaves
1 slice of lemon

Sprinkle olive oil, crushed garlic and red onion in the mushrooms and bake in moderate oven for 10-12 minutes.
Place baked mushrooms on a serving plate and sprinkle tomato, feta and basil leaves over the top.
Add a squeeze of fresh lemon.

A little note on protein intake (and a more in-depth one here): As a very rough guide, it’s recommended that women consume roughly 0.75g of protein, per kilogram of healthy body weight. So if you’re at a healthy body weight and weigh 68kg, it’s recommended that you consume approximately 51g of protein per day (68kg x 0.75). 

However, for weight loss or muscle building purposes, it’s believed consuming slightly more protein than this can be beneficial. Keeping in mind, if you increase your protein intake, you’re also increasing your overall calorie intake, so for weight management purposes you’ll have to reduce your calorie intake elsewhere. Ideally, refined sugar and processed carbohydrates, i.e. pasta and bread.

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