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They say the best coaches are those who have to work hard for what they’ve got. So consider me a pretty good coach for you! I’m not naturally built to be petite, slim or athletic, I have to work pretty hard at keeping in shape, therefore I understand the challenges that go with it.

By saying I have to work hard, I don’t mean by going completely gung-ho at the gym everyday and suffering under restrictive dieting. It’s about understanding why you eat, knowing what you eat and knowing how to exercise.

Mind For Body - Kirsten Tuzee

Qualifications: BSc Nutrition & Food Science (Deakin University), GDip OHS (Edith Cowan University), Cert III & IV Fitness, Cert Nutritional Psychology (Physical Activity Australia), ++

It does help that I’m a degree qualified Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer. But sometimes nutritional knowledge isn’t enough when we are presented with delicious temptations, and the daily grind leaves little time to prioritise exercise. To maintain or achieve a healthy body weight we need to have the right mindset which not only allows for healthy eating and exercise, but to also enjoy it so it becomes a maintainable lifestyle.

I started Mind For Body because it’s evident that the nutrition world is caught between two extremes. We have a mindset of all or nothing, you’re either on the diet bandwagon, or your starting again tomorrow. The whole diet thing can drive you completely insane if you don’t find a balance. For me, my balance ranges from 80-90% healthy and 10-20% enjoyment (things I know aren’t necessarily that good for me or my waistline, but hey, I enjoy it). We can still be healthy without taking ourselves too seriously. We still need to live a little, where’s the fun without a little sprinkle of sugar on top?

I’ve also started this website because there’s a whole lot of confusion in understanding nutrition and weight loss. If you’ve read enough I’m sure you’ve continuously come across contradicting nutritional information and the more you read the more you’ll probably discover that everything is bad for you (pffft)! This is due to invalid reasoning to construct nutritional arguments so that “Nutrition Gurus” can draw in viewers in order to sell a product (aka, diet). I’ll give it to them though, they’re bloody good at it! So we can either get completely caught up in the fallacious, multibillion dollar diet industry, or we can just bring back the basics and get on with life.

There’s no single right way to eat. My aim is to give you nutrition information and the necessary mindset tools to help you make your own informed choices about what and how you eat. It doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to take control of your mind and find the golden mean in your diet and lifestyle. And with my help and your hard work, I wish you success and ultimately, happiness.

How My Website Can Help you

Nutritional Information

To hopefully relieve you of the conflicting messages in the nutrition world and help you understand why you don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) eat buckets of kale and tablespoons of coconut oil to be healthy, and not feel guilty for eating fruit because it’s sugar, carbohydrates, dairy, grains, and whoa!, The list goes on!

Healthy Recipes

That actually taste good, made from conventional ingredients that you’ve heard of before, and are just as healthy as the latest trendy super-foods.

Motivation & Inspiration

We all need a boot up the ass every now and then. Mind For Body has a strong focus on Mindset and helps you on your way to reaching your goals, both nutritionally and mentally (the temptations, justifications, self-control, emotional eating and all those other mind games we play).

What You Won’t Find On My Website

Is a quick fix weight loss solution. There’s no quick fix. Success doesn’t come from quick bursts of obsession, i.e. diets or exercise. Reaching contentment with your body comes from a fulfilled mind. Fulfilment is enjoying the food we eat and the lifestyle we lead, it involves balance and happiness.

Who’s My Website For

Overworked corporate goddesses and the amazing mums who have no time for BS, but need a weight management solution that’s maintainable; and all the women out there who are confused about nutrition, feel a lack of self-control around food or who want to shed some kg’s. It’s for those who have tried diets before with no success and have now lost confidence to try again and believe that being overweight is ‘just who I am’.

This is for you if you need to change your focus and fulfil your mind. I want you to enjoy your lifestyle and the food you eat while pursuing weight loss. To feel good about yourself and unleash the person you know is inside of you. Because you can.

I’d Love To Hear From You!

Thanks for visiting my evolving nutrition world! Now you know a little about me, feel free to tell me a little about you. Contact me at kirsten@mindforbody.com.au and I promise to reply as soon as I can.

Kirsten XO

Hey... I'd love to get to know you!

Hey... I'd love to get to know you!

I hope my writings inspire you to be the best version of you inside and out.

I promise every email will be of value to you. Think Meal Plans, Weight Loss & Mindset Tips & maybe a kick up the ass every now and then, just to keep you on track!

I won’t email you often, or with sales BS, I hate that too.